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What is the CSforAll Summit?

The CSforAll Summit amplifies the work of stakeholders nationwide engaged in building K-12 computer science education for all US students, both in and out of school. and will include an in-person audience of carefully selected school district delegations, commitment-makers, and community leaders.

This is an invitation only event. To be considered for an invitation, you can either participate as part of a school district team for the CSforAll School District Workshop (October 16) or attend The Celebration (October 17) by making a commitment to advance the mission of CSforAll movement.

The Celebration will be live-streamed nationally. Links and instructions will be shared via Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms using the hashtag #CSforAllSummit.

Make a Commitment

Measurable actions in support of CS for all US students

Make a Commitment

Examples of 2016 Commitments in Action

  • In just one year, UT Austin’s Center for STEM Education trained 1,410 Texas educators, representing 799 schools and 347 school districts in computer science, coding, and computational thinking through WeTeach_CS online and face-to-face professional development.
  • FamilyCodeNight.org partnered with multiple regional and national networks to grow from just 18 schools to a national effort empowering more than 8,000 schools to host Family Code Night events, all in less than a year
  • NCWIT launched new initiatives to increase engagement of Native American youth and women and girls of color in CS and IT
  • Bootstrap prepared more than 400 math teachers to teach CS in 2017, reaching more than 20,000 students with (46% students of color, 43% female) in schools across the country.
  • Walt Disney Magnet School in Chicago partnered with the CS boot Camp Actualize to provide an after school program where teacher and student pairs learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create dynamic, interactive websites. Students showcased their work 1871 and the teachers brought back CS to their classrooms, serving an additional 300 students.
  • Teach For America collaborated with Exploring Computer Science (ECS) and Mobile CSP to prepare 60 teachers from schools in high-poverty areas to begin teaching ECS and AP CS Principles in their communities
  • CodeVA worked with Virginia in drafting the state's Computer Science Standards of Learning. Virginia is the first state to mandate computer science as a K-12 core subject for all students, and the standards are expected to go into effect as early as 2018-19 school year.
  • CodeVA founded a statewide High School Computer Science Honor Society that has grown in one year to a dozen chapters with over 250 members who already have contributed thousands of volunteer hours around CS education.
  • CodeVA partnered with the Virginia Tourism Commission and Gov. Terry McAuliffe to launch the "Virginia is for Computer Science Lovers" public awareness campaign. The campaign includes an interactive, kid-friendly "Welcome to the Digital Dominion" map of Virginia's "tech tourism" assets.

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